WaterSmart Landscape Resources

Here are some resources to help you make smart choices when designing a beautiful and climate-appropriate landscape that will thrive in our region. 

Slide Presentations
Four-Class Landscape Makeover Series
Three-Hour Design for Homeowners Workshop
Landscape Guides
A Homeowner's Guide to a WaterSmart Landscape
eGuide to a WaterSmart Lifestyle
Sustainable Landscape Guidelines
California Friendly® Landscape Maintenance Guide
Online Resources
Sustainable Landscapes Program
BeWaterWise GardenSpot
Local Plant Nurseries
Plot Plans
Plan Your Garden Project
Soil Analysis
Soil Drainage Test
Soil Texture Test
Soil Amendment
Compost and Mulch
Landscape Materials
Compost and Mulch Fact Sheet
Miramar Greenery
Agri Service, Inc.
Plant Palettes
Turf Types
Nifty 50 Plants for WaterSmart Landscapes
Sunset Climate Zones for San Diego
WaterSmart Landscaping in San Diego County
(Water Use Characteristics of Landscape Species)
Local Botanic Gardens
The Water Conservation Garden
San Diego Botanic Garden
Turf Removal
Turf Removal Methods
Irrigation System Overview
Sprinkler to Drip Retrofit Guide
Landscape Watering Calculator
EPA WaterSense Controller Guide